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A Guide to Latest Garage Door Openers Models

Garage doors are no longer roll-up machines that have to be lifted by hand. Nowadays, garage door openers are designed with various accessories to make operations smoothly. No matter how weighted your garage door is, it can be installed with the right type of opener. They ensure the utmost functionality, safety, and security of your house under any condition. They come with several options and designs to suit the requirements of the users. The beneficial point is that the garage door opener can be installed within 3 to 5 hours but a professional Richmond, VA garage door opener install and fix project will take just one hour.

Garage door openers are used on two types of garage doors one is residential and the other is commercial garage doors. In the commercial setups, the main models include Jackshift, Trolley, Hoist, and the Slide models of garage door openers. While trolley openers are put on standard sectional garage doors, Jackshift is used on sectional garage doors and rolling garage doors. Hoist operators are ideal for heavy-duty garage doors.

The main step in buying a garage door opener is to consider the actual drive system of an opener. There are three types of garage door openers depending on the drive system such as chain-driven, belt-driven, and directly driven system. The most important point to be evaluated in buying a garage door opener system is the kind of motor and right HP (Horsepower). All models of garage door openers are different in speed and capacity to lift the garage door. The average speed is 7 inches of lift per second. Some garage door openers function at even double speed.

Different models of garage door openers have different types of warranties. Ease to use and safety is another important aspect while choosing the right model of garage door opener. It is essential that all automatic garage door openers should be equipped with safety sensors and invisible safety beams that can sense the approach of someone or something to stop and reverse the garage door to its opened position. Other mandatory and beneficial features of the latest models of garage door openers are timed reversing features, automatic lights, manual emergency release cord, and adjustment of limit switch features.

Traditional garage door openers are normally noisy but the latest models of the garage door are designed to be really quiet and running smoothly. Regular maintenance and lubrication of garage doors will help to reduce the noises created by the garage door openers. On the whole, your garage door opener should be proficient, safe, and weather resistant. Automatic garage doors can also be operated using a handy device of remote control or wall-mounted keypad. It is especially beneficial for people who want to use garages for multiple objectives. However, it is better to have rolling code technology for the control as it is easy for criminals to capture the code from the air. Electric garage door opener models also come with automatic lights, wall operator, remote control, and options of singles with two to three button transmitters.