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Our mission is to drive positive impact to our environment by transforming residential building practices.

Join us on our quest

To be the CATALYST to achieve the Green Building Tipping Point

Minnesota GreenStar is a leading residential building standards and certification program created by Minnesotans for Minnesotans. The program promotes healthy, durable, high-performance design and construction for both new and existing homes across Minnesota. Fundamental to the program is an objective, third-party verification system that assures consumers that the new home or remodeling project performs as designed.

Our green certification program takes a whole-systems approach applying the five (5) key concepts of green building programs – energy efficiency, resource efficiency (including durability), indoor environmental quality, water conservation, site and community – to the eight (8) components of the traditional building process – outdoor and site, building envelope and systems, mechanicals, electrical and lighting, plumbing systems and fixtures, finish materials and coatings, waste management – in order to improve the impact of green building programs on individuals, their families, the community, and the environment.

Third-party verification is fundamental to the rating system and assures homeowners that the new home or remodeling project performs as designed. The MN GreenStar rating system is supported by a mandatory green education program for architects, designers, builders and remodelers, as well as general education for homeowners, lenders, real estate agents, and public officials.

Our Values
We believe in:

  • Achieving sustainable environmental outcomes with integrity
  • Respect for both the built and natural environments
  • Healthy, durable and economically viable homes
  • A holistic - systems based - approach to building
  • Accessibility to a broad audience
  • Influencing change to add value and transform the built environment