Community Involvement

Community Involvement Determines Success of Community Programs

Studies show that the involvement of the community has been one of the key success factors in determining the success of community programs and projects. That is why MN Green Star stresses the importance of the integration of the community in the whole innovation process. We want to work with communities in spreading awareness about green architecture, sustainable construction materials, and principles of green building. The community members are the homeowners whom we hope to encourage to support and participate in our green initiatives since they are the consumers. Without their support, then our community programs will not be successful. That is why all of us here at MN Green Star believe that community involvement determines the success of our community programs. No matter how good we are in research and development or in giving seminars, that will all amount to nothing without the participation and involvement of the community members. We want to engage homeowners in a healthy discussion so that they can be made aware of the benefits of green architecture and ultimately about green living. We want to provide them with proper knowledge about the principles of green building which concerns resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor environmental quality, and site and community impact. With knowledge comes informed choices and we are hoping that they will make the smart choice of going green. After all, it is the homeowners and community members who will ultimately benefit from this endeavor. When they practice the principles of green living, they will reap a return on investment, return on health, return on the quality of life, return on the environment, and return on their children’s future. These may be simple practices at home and in the community but the rewards are huge and long-lasting. We need to act now before it is too late.

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