Live Green

MN Green Star: Going Green for the Future


MN Green Star is a group of concerned citizens who advocate green living. We believe that the principles of green living can help us save our future. We help promote the best practices of green living – from simple things that we do at home to building green homes and remodeling homes to be greener. No act is too small when it comes to protecting our environment.

MN Green Star is composed of businessmen from the construction industry, corporations, academe, students, and concerned individuals who want to make a change. We have seen how our current practices are hurting the environment and compromising our children’s future. That is why we are compelled to do something now.


MN Green Star is active in community education. We educate homeowners and community members about the principles of green living. We stress the importance and benefits of reducing their energy consumption and aim for energy efficiency in their homes. We also educate them about resource efficiency and to use only what is essential in the construction, renovation, and maintenance of their homes. We tell them about the importance of water conservation and together, we think of different ways to maximize the use of water in and out of the house. For example, the water that they use in cleaning their cars can also be used for cleaning their garage doors in Missouri. The principles of green living also cover maintaining a healthy indoor environmental quality and being mindful of the site and community impact of home construction.

MN Green Star is active in research and development. We think of ways to make our homes sustainable and environment-friendly. We disseminate the information that we get from our studies to encourage other members of the community to help us in promoting green living.


MN Green Star serves the community members. We advocate green living and teach homeowners about its principles so that they can reap its benefits – both in the present and in the future. We are encouraging green practices because they offer great rewards and return on investment, return on health, return on the quality of life, return on the environment, and return on their children’s future. Seeing these rewards, we can see that it is really the community members and homeowners themselves who stand to gain from these practices.


MN Green Star encourages everyone to participate in this advocacy. Those who can join us are those willing to live green and live smarter. Those who can join us are those who consider themselves eco-warriors. Those who can join us are those who want to save the future.


MN Green Star is in need of volunteers who can share their time, knowledge, and expertise with us. We also need donors so that we can continue to fund our community programs. We need sponsors for our events. For those who want to partner with us, kindly get in touch with us and let us all work together to save our future.